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Tic Tac Shooter ELITE - The Ultimate Upgrade - Free Shipping!

Tic Tac Shooter ELITE - The Ultimate Upgrade - Free Shipping!

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The Tic Tac Shooter just got an UPGRADE!

This modified shooter can fire these beloved mints up to 20 feet! 

This version is for the SERIOUS Tic Tac shooting enthusiasts. 

Why is this one better??? Here is the upgrade list:

  • Better TicTac box connection. no longer will that Tic Tac box fall off!
  • Rubber Band front notch added for rubber band assisted launching.
  • Added "TTG2" wording to right side.
  • The "Set" window is now also visible from the right side.
  • Added a notch to the charging handle for the rubber band add-on.
  • Added hidden inner walls for extra strength to certain parts.
  • 2 rubber bands included.
  • 6mm Spring carried over from the original Tic Tac Shooter
  • 2 shooting modes - Lower Powered Spring Launch or Hi Powered Spring+Rubber Band Launch!

Operation is simple, take the lid off of the Tic Tac container, load to the top of the gun, pull back the charging handle, aim and pull the trigger!

You choose between 2 color options, body color and trim color (trigger/charging handle/case hopper). If you select "Custom Request" for color we will reach out to you to help make your perfect shooter!

If you are interested in cheaper/lower powered option, or if you want more color options, check out our standard Tic Tac Shooter here: Atlas Labs Tic Tac Shooter

Each gun comes fully assembled with a pack of Tic Tacs and 2 rubber bands so you can get right into the action!

These are 3d printed using premium plastics and assembled in our shop in Southern Indiana.  

Since this is shaped like a gun and launches a candy projectile, never point or shoot this at anything living or wield it in public.

***Due to the nature of 3d printing, these items may have some minor appearance defects. We monitor the quality of each item to ensure proper function before shipping. 

A big shoutout for EaziG for the remixed "TTG2" and the "TTG2 Elite" designs. 

A portion of every Tic Tac Shooter Elite sale goes to EaziG! If you want to show your gratitude for his hard work , go buy him a coffee: EaziGs Coffee Fund

You can find their TTG2 designs here: 

The Original TTG2 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kim Dobbs
Fun idea

These tic tac guns are a hoot! Having allot of fun with them.


My grandpa loved this Christmas gift, only wish it had came with instructions as it took us awhile to figure it out lol.


Great quality products!! #questfor50

Good quality

I know I already wrote a review, but I also want to say that although the quality of the gun is questionable at first sight, it works like a charm, and fires impressively far, but not hard enough to injure someone, which obviously is good. The colors were great, and again, amazing customer help. could not ask for a better tic tac gun.

Amazing Customer Service

I haven't even opened the package yet, because I just want to say that with the customization option, these guys are great! They were very open and polite, and they responded very quickly! I have never received such an outstanding customer-to-client interaction! Great job! very impressed! 5 stars-you earned it!