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Articulated Hanging Skeleton – Adorable Fidget Toy – Custom Sizes & Colors!

Articulated Hanging Skeleton – Adorable Fidget Toy – Custom Sizes & Colors!

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🎃 Unleash the Spooky Vibes! 🎃
Are you a Halloween enthusiast seeking the perfect skeleton decoration? Craving an adorable companion to lurk around your haunted home? Your eerie wishes are granted with our Articulated Hanging Skeleton Fidget Toy, masterfully crafted in premium plastics at our Southern Indiana workshop!

💀 Flexible, Wiggly, & Fun! 💀
Meet your bone-chilling buddy that guarantees hours of entertainment! Discover endless poses and positions, and easily hang him around using the holes in the back of his head. Whether on a nail or by a string, he’s ready to spook and delight!

✨ A Stylish Twist to Fidget Toys! ✨
Ditch the ordinary! Our skeleton is a trendy alternative to the usual fidget spinners, infinity cubes, and pop-its, offering both amusement and spooky aesthetics!

🌈 Variety of Sizes & Colors! 🌈
Choose between Junior and Adult sizes, and explore a plethora of color options, with new shades materializing regularly! Can't unearth your preferred color? Reach out, and we'll summon it for you!

💎 Authentic Flexi Factory Design! 💎
Proudly presenting Flexi Factory’s enchanting designs as authorized sellers! Investigate their treasure trove of wonderful creations for more extraordinary finds!

🛠 Quality Promise! 🛠
Though the realm of 3D printing may manifest minor appearance imperfections, rest assured, every skeletal companion is scrutinized for impeccable functionality before venturing to your abode!

Why Adopt Our Hanging Skeleton?

Unique Skeleton Decoration
Articulated & Flexible Fun
Premium Craftsmanship
Variety of Sizes & Colors
Customization Available
Certified Flexi Factory Design
Quality Controlled & Assured
🎁 A Gift to Rattle Some Bones! 🎁
Searching for a gift that combines the thrill of Halloween and the joy of fidgeting? Gift our articulated hanging skeleton, a charmingly spooky delight, and witness the recipient’s gleeful shivers!

Secure your adorable, lurking companion today and let the spectral adventures begin with our Articulated Hanging Skeleton Fidget Toy! 🎃💀

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Customer Reviews

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Barbara Randolph
Excellent customer service!

I ordered the skeleton fidget toys and asked for 2" size for a project I was doing. I was sent more items than I asked for including a child size skeleton. It turns out the child size worked out much better than the 2" and I'm so glad they included it in my order.

Cutest little guy ever!

My skeleton couldn't be cuter!!! I love him so much! The team that built him did a fabulous job and shipped him out to me with care! I am already going to have to order more because my grandchildren want to play with him all the time. I find him "hanging" out all over the house now. It has become a game of where is Fred today..... THANK you Atlas Labs!!! Oh and the kids asked where to get him a coffin bed to sleep in.... mmmmmmm


Git my 2 skeleton and i love rhem! Fast shipping well packaged. Highly recommended!